Brief information: in order to learn more about free hosting features and other advanced webhosting services you can check the frequently asked questions list that offers the solutions to the common issues.

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In case you'd like to learn more about web hosting free features, or perhaps you are looking for some additional information about out lowcost advanced web hosting services, then you might check the answers below.

1). What services do you provide? provides free web hosting services (free domain hosting and free subdomain hosting) as well as the number of advanced low cost website hosting plans that you can see listed on the right side of this page.

2). What is "Free domain hosting" service?

By free domain hosting we mean that can host any domain name (no matter if it was registered with us or with any other domain registrar) at absolutely no cost. So that you can get free webspace package and use your own domain name registered somewhere else, and you do not pay anything for this service. If you'd like to use our free domain name hosting service, please choose the 3rd option at signup page.

3). What is "Free subdomain hosting" service?

In case you do not have your own domain name and/or if you do not want to buy one yet, you can take advantage of our free sub-domain hosting service, i.e. to get free web space package with a free short web address such as included. If you'd like to try our short subdomain free service, please choose the 2nd option at sign up.

4). Is your service really free? How do you manage to provide free webhosting?

Yes, free hosting plan is TOTALLY free. You do not pay anything. But we have to put banner ads on your free web pages to help us pay our costs. And this is exactly the way how we manage to provide an absolutely free website hosting service.

5). What will be my website address?

Your website address will look like or Both will point to your website!

6). What is "" domain/subdomain? is a second level domain within the .LY namespace, i.e. is the subdomain of .LY ccTLD (country code top level domain). This TLD is assigned by ICANN and can be used and accessed worldwide. And thus, the web address like is a 3rd level domain name within .LY namespce, and at the same time it is a subdomain of, and it is also a sub-subdomain of .LY top level domain name.

7). Do you offer domain name registration?

Yes, does offer domain name registration of .com, .net, .org, .biz, and .info extensions. Please click here to register a domain name.

8). Do you support/host "other" domain names? can host any valid domain name including .eu, .us,, .de, .ca, .ru, .it, .name, .cc, .be, .me, .tv, .at, and any other generic and country code domain extension. You can take advantage of free domains hosting service described in "p.2" above, or you can order one of our advanced web site hosting plans listed on the right side of this page and get your domain hosted free (domain hosting service is included with all plans free of charge).

9). I already have a domain. Can you host it for free?

Yes, sure! We can host any domain name regardless of where you did register it. Just click here to signup with your own domain name and get a free web hosting account (choose "Re-Direct My Domain" option).

10). What's the difference between your free hosting and advanced hosting plans? free site hosting plans are ads-supported (include forced ads on free web pages), and free host packages include less and lower features than the advanced plans. You can see the details on compare plans page.

11). How many free hosting accounts I can creat?

In general, you can have as many free accounts as you wish. But please note that we might delete free accounts inactive for more than 60 days.

12). Do you have any restrictions that apply to the content of websites hosted by your service?

Yes, does have a number of common restrictions. Please take a minute to check Acceptable Use Policy page for the complete list of website content and service use restrictions.

13). Are there any file size limits?

The maximum file size allowed for free site hosting accounts is 256kb, and it is up to 1000 MB for our advanced plans, depanding on the chosen package. Please check compare plans page to see the details.

14). Do you support PHP, CGI/Perl, MySQL, etc.?

Yes, does support all those usual features, BUT they are only available with our advanced web page hosting packages. And you can always upgrade your account to get access to these features.

15). Do you provide FTP access??

Yes, provides FTP access, but only for advanced hosting accounts.

16). Do you offer web hosting upgrades?

Yes, we do. You can upgrade to one of our advanced web hosting plans from your account Members Control Panel any time you wish.

17). I've lost my password.. How to recover it?

You can visit Forgot Account Info page and request your password to be emailed to your signup e-mail address.

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  • 1000 MB of web space
  • 10 GB of bandwidth
  • 25 POP3 Mailboxes
  • FTP & FrontPage support


  • 5000 MB of disk storage
  • 50 GB of bandwidth
  • 100 POP3 E-mail Accounts
  • PHP, MySQL, CGI, Perl


  • 10000 MB of disk space
  • 100 GB of data transfer
  • 500 POP3 Mailboxes
  • PHP, MySQL, FTP, Perl


  • 10000 MB of web storage
  • 1000 GB monthly transfer
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Pro Stats, Phone Support


  • 2000 MB of webspace
  • 20 GB of bandwidth monthly
  • FREE Domain Name
  • FTP Access, Pro Stats, etc.
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